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Tinder finding people near you

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Tinder finding people near you
  • After just like 8 profiles, it's saying "finding people near you" again. And it's been like this for...
  • Make sure you have your location set up on Facebook and Tinder profiles. Did you go swipe crazy one night...
  • It is at most consonant how telemarketers are instructed to grin while they talk in that the...

  • Why is my Tinder stuck at finding people near you? - Community Forums


Tinder doesn't work for me :( - Hookup

Daniel Moore: Swedish sounds like shit

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Joe MINIMAL: As a filipino, this is spot on!

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K-pop Emily: So Russian women are stuck up bitches. Got it!

Kallia Prin: Firstly.northerners coming off as polite? HAHAHA don't make me laugh.

Upetilho1: The italian girl is living in 1770s. She's not open minded

Valeria E.: Yes! i find a woman type to me who finally murder me

Mariana Reis: Sounds about right

Amiya Turner: Wanker Oh my God i laughed so hard i was crying!

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Tinder's stuck on "finding people near you" : Tinder

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  1. You can see everybody within your set range, regardless of whether you are within theirs.

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