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Serb dating albanian women

The grave was found in Serbia's south region of Raska with the help of the European Union's law and order mission in Kosovo, Mr Vekaric said. Nato...

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Serb dating albanian women

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Never mind their nations' history of conflict and suspicion, or the year age gap, Vidan Mitrovic's long search for a bride took him from a hamlet in south-west Serbia across the border to northern Albania and to is bride. Their countries, ethnically and religiously poles apart, have sparred for generations, notably over Kosovo, and suspicions still linger.

Shy and blushing with emotion, year-old Djana Isufi was preparing to leave her home in the Albanian village of Grude e Re. Vidan, 42, took her hand and wrote "I love you" in pen on it in the only words of Albanian he knew.

She, in turn, wrote the same message on the palm of his hand, this time in Serbian, a language she does not otherwise know either. That didn't worry him. He said he's sure they will be able to communicate "with eyes, with hands and with heart. The other words will come later".

Marry me? Language no barrier to Serb-Albanian match - Telegraph

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Zoran's long search for a bride took him from his remote community of some 12 houses in southern Serbia across the border to northern Albania. This kind of Serbian-Albanian marriage is not rare, and there are several associations officially registered with authorities that organise such unions.

Their love story stands in contrast to another couple in the same village, where the Serb is much older than his Albanian wife. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. Anna Nicholas Anna Nicholas blogs about life in rural Majorca.

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  • Serbia discovers mass grave for Albanians - Telegraph
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  • Serbian villages are lacking young women, Albanian villages are lacking...

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  1. She's an Albanian Muslim, he's an Orthodox Christian Serb — and their people have been mired in a web of ethnic and religious hatred over Kosovo's bloody war for independence.

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