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Jensen Ackles Hot Pictures - Roommate Hookup

Honey you don't need him anymore. If you brag all the time, people won't like you because they'll think you're full of yourself. Don't be a snob. Be yourself; you should never change for anyone. There's a stereotype of people who treat their friends more like accessories think: Regina George in Mean Girls because they're just so hot that they can do anything they want.

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Liz Reddinger: What about a Jamaican woman?

Alliiee_ Cat: Greate. Thx again, LOL. :)

Amal Aloun: Not every russian man drinks

Brianne Perez: Dominican is my fav

Tampatec: I feel called out

Jacen Ordonez: Indians (along with pakistans can be really funny! :D

Paco Beast: Im perfect Russian girl

David Joura: How about peruvian men o girls ?


Dillon Voisin: Thanks for the comments, VIVA VENEZUELA3

Anwar Km: wtf is that guy in the background doing? Is he trying to fuck the boat?

Brittle Bird: You know you are dating a ratchet alcoholic when she is Irish

Methesponge: Hate this stereotype bullshit, every girl and everbody in general is diffrent.

Millifant: Dont want to be an asshole, but since I posted a picture of me at my job my matches skyrocket.

Am I eating too much?

Zed Ruff: Do one for malaysian men :)

Clairy Romave: Make him wait

Palau Holulu: Their accent kind of sound rough. or even harsh?

Fatih Ersen: With my eyes closed I would pick Nigerian. With my eyes open. too. :P

Chrys Ta: Brazilian accent wins each and every time of course! Having said that, the Portuguese guys you went with were a bit of a disappointment for this particular task! Being Portuguese, from Lisbon in particular I didn't feel represented at all! Greetings from Angola, another Portuguese speaking country with a special accent of it's own! ;)

Aika Papa: Eu amei chris e gabriel

Ichronic: Well I dident learn anything.

Mipandsky: HAHAHAHAHA! I'm Mexican. and this is pretty spot on accurate!

Voyance4elle: Thick as a brick with personality of a frat boy.

Sanzon Zanzon: My girl in a nutshell

Tim Gong: The whole time I was craving for a subway sandwich

AirFire18: Dating an american men pleaseeeeeee!

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