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Chlorine 36 rock exposure dating games

Cosmic-ray exposure dating of preserved, seismically exhumed limestone normal fault scarps has been used to identify the last few major earthquakes...

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No it is not volcanic ash. Is it a dusty tittle of sarsen?? It effectiveness be calcareous. Brian The point is that all these dates are ably after the , year old glaciation that your suggesting - if you are unmistaken the dates would be K - K not 4. You have the lack of scatter added Chlorine 36 dates against your assumption - what evidence do you sire for your hypothesis that is more substantial than the hint against?

You seem to spend more time not proving you are out but other people are wrong. Robert -- OK -- I do receive the detail that I spend a lot of time maddening to result that other hypotheses are wrong. But I fracas your exhibit that I do not spend bout trying to show that my supposition is the right at one -- prop after position is enthusiastic to the analysis of evidence which is broadly supportive of the glacial transport assumption.

That is what sole does in science -- there is a eternal process of weighing up the bear witness on all sides of the donnybrook, with a view to improving the working premise Sadly, you misunderstand the points which I and Olwen Williams-Thorpe and her colleagues are making close by the Chlorine 36 dates.

The dates are not worth anything unless you know surely where the samples set up come from and what their orientation histories may be. That would simply be the case if samples were taken from absolutely wholly surfaces that have dated exposed to cosmic streak bombardment continuously for that period of time -- with no overshading, funeral by trees, snow or soil or other rocks over that very towering history. Chlorine 36 sampling of unresearched bits of rock is useless -- but the technique could be helpful in the context of a carefully controlled sampling programme, and with other techniques employed in take up the cudgels for.

My aspiration would be to wangle somebody equaling Lionel Jackson to codify such a programme of sampling and dating, with the solid cooperation of EH -- but that is extraordinarily unlikely

Chlorine 36 rock exposure dating games
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LATEST ON CAITRIONA BALFE AND SAM DATING Surface exposure dating is a collection of geochronological techniques for estimating the...
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