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Wind set down simulation dating

Drews, Carl, Examining Exodus 14 with the Geosciences There are similarities between the physical details described in the Exodus 14 narrative of the parting of the Red Sea ,...

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Conceived and designed the experiments: Extensively reviewed and edited the manuscript: Wind setdown is the drop in water level caused by wind stress acting on the surface of a body of water for an extended period of time. As the wind blows, water recedes from the upwind shore and exposes terrain that was formerly underwater. Previous researchers have suggested wind setdown as a possible hydrodynamic explanation for Moses crossing the Red Sea, as described in Exodus This study analyzes the hydrodynamic mechanism proposed by earlier studies, focusing on the time needed to reach a steady-state solution.

In addition, the authors investigate a site in the eastern Nile delta, where the ancient Pelusiac branch of the Nile once flowed into a coastal lagoon then known as the Lake of Tanis. We conduct a satellite and modeling survey to analyze this location, using geological evidence of the ancient bathymetry and a historical description of a strong wind event in A suite of model experiments are performed to demonstrate a new hydrodynamic mechanism that can cause an angular body of water to divide under wind stress, and to test the behavior of our study location and reconstructed topography.

This land bridge is 3—4 km long and 5 km wide, and it remains open for 4 hours.


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Wind setdown and Exodus...
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