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Overnight workers dating

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Overnight workers dating -

Fearless Tv: I love the Dutch dating traditions, but do Dutch girls would be open to date a foreigner?

Ceh CEHE: They don't want to worry their Asian students, of course, and they're trying to take measures, she said.

G Kilsetup: Very true. especially the emotional part. pisses me off man! they treat every movie like its their fuckin friends


Iman Matar: He is so cool!

TheWonderGirl: I'm portuguese and I didn't understand shit of what she said! The supposed brazilian portuguese.

Calderon C: Omg the french accent was so bad i didnt even understand and its my first language

Ana Herrera: Which one do I think is beautiful? ALL OF THEM!

Travis Krause: To be fair you do look better with a natural looking tan UK! It goes against the very nature of your country.

Ben Chadwick: Just like German chocls played Americans after WWso do other eueopean woman.Ethnic loyalty

Resna Anglero: Hi Marina, love the channel. Think I've watched every video at least twice.


Overnight workers dating Pink Cloud: The girl who did French can't do a French accent!

Xyzz Zz: The dark side.

Tewkewl: After watching these videos and assuming these stereotypes are right.

Beatriz Perez: I didn't know what the fuck the french girl was sayint

ROGUE X94: Can someone pls tell me wheres chinnadad or something like that, i'm frustaded bc i cant find it

MrZer000: Observing the boy,

Cody Nelson: They should do one with dating Mexican man

Taramae Noel: He is SO fine. Yum.

Sophia Cross: Every person is different.I am not jealous at all but if you cheat on me you don't have any second chance.

Complex Ez: This is not real polish

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