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What is dating like in seattle

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Why can't I find a "decent" man?

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Originally Posted by homesinseattle.

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While it may not be good for me, it may be good for you. They were nerds in high school and they got laughed at and picked on and it never goes away. User Flair Update your flair using the "edit" link at the top of the sidebar. It's difficult for most people. Ok - despite the generalizations of where men and women shop - that's actually not a bad idea.

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OTHER SEX POSITIONS Psychosexual history evaluation Meryl Iska: I read SEXIST languages and was like wtf are you serious

Diego GuzmГЎn: USA has so many blacks and jewish media control and half the women are whores.

K Richard: I was gonna be like no way! I live in Canada, the guys I've dated are not like that at all and then I realized they are exactly like that 1%

Aza Deen: This is satire right?

Tango Feroz: Y u gotta hate on my joggers? Lol.

Bessy Habtom: I actually agree with all of this. Well done!

G0ld Fi5h: C'est quoi ce bordel nom d'une pipe sans tabac

Shantanu S: Awesome video and I sure got a good laugh out of this hehehe.

VictoriaRay: Arabic is the best

Udez Nwok: I love Spanish people. Best, friendliest people in Europe. They know how to party, how to enjoy the life. With love!

The Humbug: Fuck this shit imout

Mohawkward: Anyway. Prost! Ich hol mir noch ne Flasche Bier. Weltenburger!

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What is dating like in seattle News and current...

If you do not distinguish how to perform; the greatest path is to be a portion...

Alessandro N: She looks like sofia coppola a lot

LOVE4everSher: So basically your entire channel is about stereotypes.

Just Krish: Ha! Joke is on you. Japan people don't fuck .

Alvaro4all: Everything is true for German women except that they aren't so much into politics :P.

Mike Mikeetoo: If Danes don't like talking to strangers, how do they make friends?

Gisley Alves: Ty for not adding all slavic languages

Ju Tarcinali: Poland probably isnt in europe at all

Daliya Vector: I didnt understand that Portuguese! and im portuguese! XD

Dublcheez: Quite a lot wasn't true.

Phuoc Yoo: I loved it. Am looking for the movie.

Busytoad: I laughed so hard when i saw all the guys go nuts about the Colombian girl, poor bastards there they are drooling and here im in Colombia living the dream :D

Nitroxide91: The girl form Trois Rivieres is so cute! :)

Hoa Tran: Now i know i need a japanese guy

Dylan Wood: I used to date this Russian girl and once she invited me for a cup of tea, ended up having a overblown supper lol


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