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Dr phil show online hookup scams

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About a month later, he said he made a private deal and got millions of dollars. We talked for about two days, before he gave me the story about bad food over there, and he needed money to buy American food, and it was expensive. I just had a similar experience on Instagram. Follow us on Twitter: Met foreign speaking men professing their undying love and then asking for money or even iTunes cards. LIKE us on Facebook: Got me off dating site first day.

Howling Wolf: When he's so high


Eva Halliwell: I guess its more matter of voice and way you are talking not a language itself ;p funny video anyway :)

Shen Neald: Women themselves dont even know what they want.

The BlodyGod: Hahahahah He sang Kuula by Ott Lepland !

Chase Andrews: Her nose? that is all you see? She's beautiful, intelligent and loyal. All the women in these videos are beautiful, have pride and are exceptionally unique- you'd be lucky to even say hello to any of them in your entire life!


GTL .KWB: I think i am a japanese guy *face palm*

Sara ReneГ©: And why is everyone calling us greedy with our money

Joe Green: Man: You've got a couple of balls coming your way

Judy Heller: I find Turkish women usually very pretty, but I didnt know about that mindset. I realise it's a bit generalised, but personally I'd look for a woman, not a second mum. The whole pampering thing would get on my nerves.

Anthony Lane: Lambe meu cuzao cheio de merda kkk ai sim BRASIL

Cryohellinc: So basically if you are ITALIAN , RUSSIAN OR LATIN AMERICAN MEN PAY.

Desi Pfander: Most of them are lies ,guys.they never close the door on you for stupid reasons.guys women in russia are hundred of thousands more than men.if they have shitty attitude they even find a man for one night thing for sure they have strange sense of humor.

Ramses_2k: German Girls are the best anyways;)

Ian Wyckoff: Yeaaaaa greeekkk! Woooooo

Cindy WK: That man is really good looking

Worgen4ik: Sacre bleu! Feminazis.

Usman Khan: The last words around 40 might be russian, right?

KnalBeer: I know some Russians (women and this is exactly how they are. You have to love them. They treat their men like kings as long as they respect them. They can get very emotional and jealous too!

Alexan Panda: I love her face when she says non merci at the beginning, typical parisian woman :D

Moheem Palal: I find Turkish women really attractive. There is something romantic, mysterious and alluring about them.

Treat them mean, keep them keen?

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